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Red Noodle is a New York based website development firm serving clients in a variety of states. We specialize in creating websites and presently find the most popular solution to include content management technology.

Ten years ago the Internet was still relatively young. The Internet has grown exponentially in the succeeding years and our skills have grown with it. Our client list has also. This long experience creating websites means that you can trust your project to Red Noodle.

We can help you with your corporate identity such as logo creation and print materials.

We don’t just paste content you provide into a page, we talk with you and learn about your business. We identify what makes you unique and incorporate that into a site that presents a compelling message for your audience.

Our business is helping you communicate with your audience and the art
of communication applies equally to our work with you as well. You will
find that we work hard to avoid the kind of confusion that can lead a
project astray.

To further those goals, we provide a solid methodology for building your site. We start by planning the navigational structure of your site.

We then identify your needs and desires for the look and feel of your site. You may have some specific guidance for us, or print collateral that we need to match. Then we add in our creativity and generate graphic design compositions for your review.

On the technical side, we generate a functional specification document that makes it clear to you exactly what we will create and how it will work. After that, we begin development using the latest industry standards, for maximum browser compatibility and ease of maintenance.

We provide a QA document to you at the end of the process so you can see how thoroughly your site was tested and can feel confidence in its technical soundness.

Finally, if you desire, we check in with you from time to time to verify that you are satisfied with your site.

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